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The Fastest Way to Start Your Medical Billing Business. Guaranteed.

Comprehensive Suite of Medical Billing Services

Our Medical Billing Training and Support Business Package is an all-inclusive collection of software and services designed to make YOU the best option for A to Z practice management.

Great Value for Your Investment

Our cutting-edge, web-based medical billing software and services package includes our world class Live Training, Lifetime Business Support and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. The cost is a one-time investment of $24,990.

Unlimited Income Potential

The average independent American Business Systems licensee generates an average of $20-$30k per medical billing client. We put you in control of your financial freedom, and give you all the tools you need to achieve your income goals.

Getting Started is Easy

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We make it EASY to start your own medical billing business.

ABS Testimonials

"I became an ABS Licensee about 3 years ago, and I've gained 2 new clients each year. ABS is real, and they deliver on their promises."

- Tierni Martins, California

"I signed up a doctor yesterday for the ChoicePay service and then when I woke up this morning there was a fax waiting for me... it was another service agreement! So I closed another one in my sleep! Thank you to the ABS team for their support!"

- Don Franklin, California

"I knew when I investigated the opportunity with ABS that I would be successful, but I also knew it would take time. I didn't start marketing until 3 months after attending Training, but I have had 1 new client a month since then!"

- Janet Calkins, Montana

"I have been extremely busy lately and I love it! There is one thing that I just have to let you know... the support is unbelievable. The ABS Support Team has all been more than helpful with me every step of the way. I appreciate you all so very much!"

- Cristie Dunn, Tennessee

"ABS gives you all the tools you need... I would recommend it to anyone."

- Jim Turner, Arizona

"I just signed up my first client only 4 days after attending Live Training. Needless to say, I'm beside myself with excitement!"

- Steve Dedwylder, Texas

"I now have 3 clients within 6 months of purchasing the ABS business package. I've already paid off my investment!"

- Sharise Moreland, California

"As of now, 2 months after the training in Dallas, we processed over $840,000 in billing. Once again, without you and your inspiration we would not be here today! Thank you!"

- Benjamin Iskhakov, New York

"After building my business using the tools provided by ABS, I now have 13 doctors on my client list. We got 5 of those accounts in the last 6 months! Thanks so much for helping us open the door to this opportunity."

- Janet Malinowski, Ohio

"I've been a medical biller at a doctor's office for 12 years and finally decided to strike out on my own. What a great decision! I got my first client in less than 90 days after going to live training."

- Deb Beynor, Massachusetts

"I was just as skeptical as most probably are, but after attending the live training in Dallas, I landed my first client in less than 60 days. I feel like I'm finally on my way to financial freedom."

- Danny Kaufman, Maryland

"I love my life with ABS! I have 8 clients and have hired an extra processor to help with all the business. Thanks ABS!"

- Robin Herrera, Texas

"Thanks so much for the business coaching. I've started hosting seminars in my area and just landed my first client."

- Vito Del Core, Illinois

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