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Patrick Phillips

Medical Billing is the Perfect Family Business

A message from Patrick Phillips, Founder

When my wife, Linda, and I started doing medical billing in 1987, we quickly learned that the true meaning of financial freedom is knowing you can create the income you choose in an industry that continues to grow steadily. And, you can put your family first by working the hours you want while providing a lifestyle of your choosing.

We really did begin earning a six-figure income, working from our home, and raising our two children. As we grew our own business, we kept refining our systems to make the work simpler so we could make even more money in less time. Because of our first-hand experience, we know the medical billing industry inside out.

Today, we have a total turnkey business that includes a secure online electronic claims filing system, a plug-and-play marketing system that brings clients to you, and add-on services that doctors – and even small business owners – can use to improve cash flow. (There’s nothing like having services that improve cash flow to attract new clients.)

We’re currently looking for other individuals and couples who want to create their own dream businesses using methods and materials that didn’t even exist when we started. In fact, we looked at all the things we wished had been available to us in the beginning and included them in our system. There is no guesswork.

With our personal coaching and support, you’ll learn how to reach your goals without having to depend on someone else. You can overcome any so-called limitations you’ve put on yourself.

The key is having the courage to get out of "the box" and learn new skills that bring with them power... the power to create financial freedom.

If you truly believe that you can accomplish what you put your mind to, then I challenge you to become greater than your fear of doing something new. At American Business Systems, LLC, we’re here to give you the tools you need and encourage you every step of the way. Most of the Licensees who have joined us before you had no previous experience in running their own business. But with our help and guidance, anyone who can follow step-by-step instructions can start a successful medical billing management business.

We take great pride in helping hundreds of individuals break through their income "barriers" and provide their families with the true freedom of being in charge of their lives. We’ve helped individuals, single parents, home-schooling parents, couples and retirees launch and operate highly profitable medical billing businesses.

Let us help you change your life...

Patrick Phillips