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With ABS You Can Do Medical Billing Work from Home or Anywhere You Need

The Problem: Doctors have a tough time collecting insurance reimbursements

You already know that a large percentage of most doctors' revenue comes from insurance reimbursements.

But many people don't realize that the process of filing insurance claims is cumbersome, time consuming and energy-draining for the doctor. It can take 60-120 days to receive payments.

In addition, many doctors provide care for Medicare and Medicaid patients. The government acts with its usual speed and efficiency when responding to claims. Payments can take more than 90 days to reach the doctor.

Meanwhile, office rent, staff paychecks and other expenses keep coming due. This is no way to run a business.

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Doctors and other health-care facilities have traditionally had two basic options:
  1. One or more staff members are hired to be responsible for filing claims – the standard CMS 1500. Traditionally, paper forms were used. Incredibly, many offices still use paper forms.

    Employees have to complete forms, being careful to get the right codes inserted for the insured’s medical issue and treatment. Even with meticulous attention, these forms are, frankly, anything but error-proof, leading to rejections.

    This is a labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive process.

    If there's any minute detail on the paperwork that is not filled out correctly, the insurance company rejects the entire claim and sends it back to the doctor unpaid.

    The doctor's staff then has to figure out what the problem is, attempt to fix it, and re-submit the claim and hope they've gotten it right the second time around.

  2. Medical billers have provided a welcome outsource option. Unfortunately, although many use their computers to streamline the process, most are still using software on their own computers. This might seem like a small difference, but in fact, software-based solutions can create some major problems for you and your clients.

    • Medical billing software can go out of date very quickly and needs updating regularly (at extra expense) as changes are made due to new regulations, etc. And, if you don’t update immediately, there may be flaws in the claims that cause them to be rejected.

    • In many respects, hiring a medical billing service using the old methods of paper claims – or even computer-generated claims – simply shifts the tedious work outside the office.

      Depending on the system used, many medical billers may not be able to offer benefits of speed, accuracy or faster payment.

    • Having client data on a home computer is risky. Sensitive patient data can be lost if there’s a computer crash, burglary or fire. Patient privacy is now a priority. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance is stringent.

    • Depending on the software or computer being used, a person working with this outdated approach may find it difficult to be in compliance at all times.

The Solution: ABS Web-based Electronic Medical Billing

As an ABS Licensee, you eliminate the problems and provide significant benefits for doctors.

Do Medical Billing Work from Home or Anywhere with ABS The game has changed. It’s important that you know the federal government has mandated that medical claims be filed electronically. Enforcing the switch to electronic billing has been pushed back, but the mandate remains for doctors: they must move toward electronic billing, and our Online Medical Billing System allows you to file these CMS1500 forms for doctors and other medical providers completely electronically and in web-based.

But while there has been some leniency until now, as of July 1, 2007, rigorous enforcement began in some regions and will spread across the county. All other methods of filing claims are outmoded and on the way out in the immediate future. That means there’s a huge window of opportunity as medical practices flounder for a solution.

If you’re serious about creating your own medical billing service, realistically, true, web-based electronic billing is your first – and only – option.

As an ABS Licensee, you become a trained professional equipped with a proprietary, state-of-the-art system that will allow you to electronically file the claims for the doctor online, in real time. The benefits to the doctor include:

Benefit #1: FASTER – much faster – filing and payment: Electronic filing drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to collect from the insurance companies. Instead of taking weeks, it takes just 7 to 21 days.

The reason is simple: electronically filed claims are handled by computers and therefore bypass all of the low-wage, untrained human "gate keepers" that work the low-level clerical jobs for insurance companies.

These "gate keepers" are the ones who ultimately determine whether or not and how fast the doctor should be paid. But when it's all handled electronically, there is no "human interference" to bog down the process.

Benefit #2: Dramatically LOWER rejection rate: Using our system, the rejection rate for claims plummets from upwards of 30% to under 2%. Obviously, claims that aren't rejected move through the system much faster.

Plus, claims that are mysteriously "lost" or mislaid by the insurance companies, and never paid, are eliminated altogether. They can't be lost when using electronic medical claims filing because an “acceptance report” from the insurance company confirms receipt of the filed claim.

Benefit #3: Frees up time for the doctors and staff: Many doctors spend as many as one and a half to two hours a day supervising and working on insurance claims. Or at the very least, they have one or more highly paid employees working on them.

When the doctor out sources the electronic medical claims filing to you, he or she can focus on seeing more patients. . . and therefore make more money. . . or else spend more time doing other things.

Outsourcing electronic medical claims filing also frees up the time of the doctor’s staff, which allows them to make patient calls and run the office more effectively instead of completing or chasing down medical claims.

Benefit #4: Immediate cost savings: Doctors will see a real and immediate cost savings when they outsource the billing to you.

The New England Journal of Medicine (Volume 349:768-775) says that physicians' administrative work and costs amounted to 26.9 percent of physicians' gross income.

That translates into an average of about one and a half clerical workers per doctor at an average cost of $51,564... not including employee benefits like vacation time, insurance, and the like.

Do Medical Billing Work from Home or Anywhere with ABS Our Licensees, on the other hand, only charge a small per-claim fee to perform the same service, depending on the volume and complexity of the individual claim.

The fee is directly related to each individual claim. When a staff member is responsible, the cost of filing could be wildly out of proportion to the actual income received. You bring a cost-control benefit to the doctor.

And that's just the savings on the front-end direct cost of collections. That doesn't take into account the increased effectiveness and efficiencies of actually collecting the money owed to the doctor.

Benefit #5: No worries about HIPAA compliance. Doctors are excited to learn that patient claims are processed and filed on a system as secure and hacker-proof as those used by financial institutions. In fact, the data is stored on the same secure servers that store data for banks and investment firms.

Any updates or changes are made directly on the site and integrated seamlessly so they’re operational the next time you access the server. HIPAA is a regulatory issue, so the automatic updates provide peace of mind for your clients. (And you, too.)

Benefit #6: The doctor or the staff can also access the claims information. If a doctor is squeamish about losing access to the claims in progress... no problem. You can provide a password that permits access to the practice’s private area.

While the staff can’t file claims, they can track their progress and use other powerful management features (including a scheduler) for their convenience.

Benefit #7: The doctor will be compliant with the mandate to switch to electronic filing. Most businesses wait until the last minute to handle government-mandated changes.

When the time comes, your clients will be ready and there will be no sudden panic trying to switch over at the last minute. You can put them into compliance and start filing electronically literally overnight.

Is There Demand?

Yes. There’s a great window of opportunity right now.

The market for this service is absolutely enormous. You may be surprised at the variety of prospects actively looking for the solution you provide:
  • Doctors still using paper claims. There are over 1-million medical providers in the United States. It’s astonishing, but statistics from Medicare show that a large number of them still aren’t filing electronic claims.

  • Doctors who are struggling with electronic claims in their offices. Some doctors have tried to switch. This saves them time compared to traditional filing, but still causes a whole host of problems, including training and retraining when there’s staff turnover, unforeseen technical issues and more.

    What seemed like a good idea – handling electronic billing in the office – has turned into a nightmare for some doctors. Right now is the perfect time to become an ABS Licensee because these doctors are prime candidates for your web-based electronic billing solution.

  • Doctors who are looking for an in-office electronic billing solution. Every practice is different, and some doctors or medical clinics have their own reasons for wanting to have the claims filed directly from their offices.

    Those doctors are not a lost opportunity, but a different opportunity. As an ABS Licensee, you have the option to resell the entire system to doctors and make ongoing income from support and automatic upgrades to the system.

  • Some medical billers steadfastly cling to the outdated software solution. But doctors know 100% electronic billing is on the way and are quietly looking for a reliable solution. There’s just no future in software-based claims filing.
With so many doctors looking for an electronic claims filing solution, the only question now is, “Will you be there as a professional billing expert to handle the demand?”

The Benefits For the Doctors Are Obvious, But What’s in It For You?

Why is the ABS electronic medical claims filing system the ideal choice if you want a solid, profitable business?

We’ve covered some of the benefits already on this page and elsewhere on the site, but here’s a summary:
  • High profits. Every claim you file is worth money to you since you’ll be paid a small fee for each transaction. Every doctor you serve represents recurring income, every month, year in, year out.

    If you do nothing but file medical claims for your clients, you will do very well. But once doctors you serve learn of the other cash-flow services you offer that can help build their practices, your own business will grow naturally, with additional income streams flowing in on a regular basis.

  • Complete turnkey solution. All the expensive, time-consuming issues – from the state-of-the-art technology to the development of a proven marketing system – are already in place, ready for you to use.

    And you get comprehensive training at a live workshop near our headquarters, close to the DFW airport in Texas.

    Plus, you’re entitled to a lifetime of expert coaching from ABS at no extra cost.

    We designed every aspect of this business to let you spend your time serving your clients, and not getting hung up on the operational issues that often can distract or derail a business owner.

    Everything about our business has been carefully planned and structured to position our Licensees to succeed.

  • Speed and accuracy. With ABS Web-based Electronic Medical Billing, you’ll have speed and accuracy as your competitive edge. With the patients’ information sent to you from the doctor’s office (via fax or delivery service), you can literally race through completing and filing the claims. You don’t have to know a single billing code. The system has all the necessary medical codes built right in its database.

    Your ability to complete claims very quickly is built into the system. That means you can process more claims faster.

    For example, it only takes about 5 minutes to type in the information the first time you file a claim for a new patient. But the next month, many of those same patients will visit the doctor for return visits or additional treatment. As you’ve probably guessed, the online system retains the patients’ information.

    You simply change a couple of pieces of data for those claims, so it takes less than a minute to process these "return visit" claims. This really “turbo charges” your speed without compromising accuracy and further increases your own efficiency. . . and income.

  • It’s goof-proof. Automatic alerts will flag any errors in web-based and show you what needs to be changed to get the “all clear” to file the claim. This essentially goof-proofs your claims. It’s the reason we cut the rejections down to near zero. Speed and assured accuracy = efficiency and profits.

  • No software. No updates. You won’t have to worry about installing or updating software or storing sensitive data on your own computer. You can process claims from anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

  • Almost paperless. When you add an electronic fax system and our iDocsNOW online document storage and archival system, you can make your entire operation almost paper-free. This is especially important if you’re operating out of a small home office.

  • Set your own hours. This is one of the great attractions of the electronic claims filing business that you’ll read about again on the site, or see in the testimonials.

    No one will know that you’re making money while the baby sleeps, after the children are in bed or while you’re watching after an elderly parent.

    Clients won’t care at all (or even know) if you’re semi-retired or retired and handling their claims efficiently when you travel or go to visit the grandchildren.

    Of course, if you make this a full-time business, you can shift your work day to start early if you’re a morning person. Or a night owl might choose to work when everyone else has gone to bed and the house is quiet. This is a welcome change for Licensees who found their most productive time never quite matched the demands of a 9-to-5 job.

  • Portable and virtual. Imagine a business you can literally operate on a laptop at home, from Starbucks or even an RV, as one of our Licensees does.

    Plus, even if your family moves across the country, you can still serve clients from wherever you live. You don’t have to start from scratch or suffer a lag in income as can happen if you had a job or a business that isn’t portable.

    Some ABS Licensees have no local clients at all because satisfied clients referred them to colleagues in other cities.

    And even if someone grabs your computer, your entire business is still intact and all client information is safe and secure on the system’s server.

Any references to income potential anywhere on this website are based on actual income examples provided by our Licensees, or, are figures based on industry averages. Since ABS does not have any knowledge of any particular individual's business background or acumen, no guarantees of income are made. Your success in this, or any business, depends entirely upon your personal efforts and abilities as an independent business person and we cannot, therefore, guarantee your success should you decide to get involved in this business.

1. According to Curtis Udell, senior advisor at Annandale, Va.-based Health Care Advisors Inc., “approximately 30% of all claims are rejected, and 50% of those rejected claims are not resubmitted. Providers, however, can use their own I.T. to fight back. “Code scrubbing” and claims editing software, for example, can help reduce billing errors and identify underpayments. The applications also enable providers to analyze and track denials and underpayments so they can improve their work processes, more effectively appeal rejections and negotiate more favorable managed care contracts. “Providers can’t manage what they can’t track,” Udell said. “And this can’t be done with paper. If practices want to really analyze their revenue cycle, they need software and electronic data to do so.” (From Health Data Management Magazine). Health Data Management Magazine is a leading health care IT authority.

2. According to Community Health Plan of Washington, a non-profit organization, “paper claims can get lost in the mail, and average claim processing turnaround time is 45 to 90 days, with a rejection rate of 35 to 50 percent. For claims submitted electronically, the average claim processing turnaround time is 14 to 21 days with a rejection rate of less than 2 percent.” (Community Health Plan).

3. According to Medicare ( “many doctors still aren’t filing claims electronically.” They list the advantages of electronic claims filing as follows:

  1. Faster payment on electronic claims. Electronic claims submitted in a standard format adopted for national use under HIPAA can be paid after expiration of a 13-day waiting period, i.e., as early as the 14th day after the date of receipt while paper claims and electronic claims submitted in a non-HIPAA format can not be paid earlier than the 27th day after the date of receipt.

  2. Electronic transactions are cost effective, and reduce the opportunity for error.

  3. Electronic claims have lower administrative, postage and handling costs than paper claims.

  4. On-line acknowledgement of receipt of electronic claims.

  5. Standardized formats reduce administrative costs since one format will meet billing requirements for all U.S. health care payers under HIPAA, not only Medicare.

  6. Standardized electronic claims submission and COB exchange and remittance receipt reduce system costs.

  7. Electronic remittances are sent to a provider-preferred location.

  8. Claim status and eligibility information in 24 hours or less.

  9. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) can have accounts receivable in provider's bank, drawing interest, in two working days after payment. Paper checks can take as long as one week to process.